Crisis, Faith, and Action - with Dr. Steve Chase

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 12:30pm
Dr. Steve Chase

Crisis, Faith, and Action: Transitioning to a Beloved Community in the Era of Peak Oil, Climate Change, and a Dysfunctional Global Economy

At this February luncheon of the Massachusetts Bible Society, Quaker Transition activist Steve Chase addressed some key questions:  What is faithful, abundant living in the midst of the triple threat of peak oil, climate change, and an increasingly dysfunctional global economy?  How can we draw on our faith as friends and followers of Jesus to resist the pulls of empire and consumerism, and unleash our creativity and love of our neighbors and God's good earth?  How can we respond to the challenges of our time with an inspiring vision of Beloved Community in the 21st Century that moves us beyond either denial or despair and helps us cultivate an inward state of blessed unrest and an outward engagement in creative faith-based activism?  What can we start doing now to foster a transition to a more livable, just, relocalized, and neighborly post-oil world?




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