What Paul Meant

Garry Wills

In his New York Times bestseller What Jesus Meant, Garry Wills offered a fresh and incisive reading of Jesus’ teachings. Now Wills turns to Paul, whose writings have provoked controversy throughout Christian history. Upending many common assumptions, Wills argues eloquently that what Paul meant was not something contrary to what Jesus meant. Rather, the best way to know Jesus is to discover Paul. In this stimulating and masterly analysis, Wills illuminates how Paul, writing on the road and in the heat of the moment, and often in the midst of controversy, galvanized a movement and offers us the best reflection of those early times.

About the Author
Garry Wills is the author of the New York Times bestsellers What Jesus Meant, Why I Am a Catholic, and Papal Sin and received a Pulitzer Prize for Lincoln at Gettysburg. He is currently professor of history emeritus at Northwestern University.

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