What Jesus Meant

Garry Wills

In what are billed “culture wars,” people on the political right and the political left cite Jesus as endorsing their views. Garry Wills argues that Jesus subscribed to no political program. He was far more radical than that. In a fresh reading of the gospels, Wills explores the meaning of the “reign of heaven” Jesus not only promised for the future but brought with him into this life. It is only by dodges and evasions that people misrepresent what Jesus plainly had to say against power, the wealthy, and religion itself. But Wills is just as critical of those who would make Jesus a mere ethical teacher, ignoring or playing down his divinity. An illuminating analysis for believers and nonbelievers alike, What Jesus Meant is a brilliant addition to our national conversation on religion.

About the Author
Garry Wills is the author of The Rosary and the New York Times bestsellers Why I Am a Catholic and Papal Sin, as well as the Penguin Lives biography Saint Augustine and the Pulitzer Prize–winning Lincoln at Gettysburg


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