Psalm Twenty-Three

Tim Ladwig

Through this powerful series of illustrations, artist Tim Ladwig delivers the inspirational message of hope and rebirth found in the Twenty-Third Psalm. The world of the psalm, now thousand of years old, seem even more relevant today against the rich backdrop of the inner city.

Ladwig, who has ministered in Wichita, Newark, and South Central Los Angeles with World Impact (an inner-city Christian mission organization), uses vivid urban images to renew the psalm's spiritual promise. His Psalm Twenty-Three presents the struggles of an extended family living amid multiple dangers, yet embracing the safe haven of a simple home filled with abundant love--a truly compelling contemporary tale.

Psalm Twenty-Three is a work of great devotion that brings to new life the eloquent prayer that the psalmist first uttered in the face of spiritual and physical despair. Through the gifted vision of Tim Ladwig, the Twenty-Third Psalm evokes new meaning for our times. Originally published in 1933, this edition has been redesigned, but retains all of Ladwig's original art work and all the power of this vision. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

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