Preaching Jesus Christ Today: Six Questions for Moving from Scripture to Sermon

Annette Brownlee

This book approaches preaching as a theological practice and a spiritual discipline in a way that is engaging, straightforward, and highly usable for busy preachers. Bringing to bear almost three decades of practical experience in the pulpit and the classroom, Annette Brownlee explores six questions to help preachers listen to Scripture, move from text to interpretation for weekly sermon preparation, and understand the theological significance of the sermon. Each chapter explains one of the Six Questions of Sermon Preparation, provides numerous examples and illustrations, and contains theological reflections. The final chapter includes sample sermons, which put the Six Question method into practice.

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Annette Brownlee (DMin, Wycliffe College) is chaplain, professor of pastoral theology, and director of field education at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario. She has served as an episcopal priest (ECUSA) in parishes in Ohio, Connecticut, and Colorado, and currently assists at St. Paul's L'Amoreaux in Scarborough, Ontario.

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