New Vision for an Old Story: Why the Bible Might Not Be the Book You Think It Is

Anne Robertson
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Mike Colyott - Resource Director

When Anne Robertson asked a bunch of people on the street what came to mind when they heard the word Bible, she was met with a flood of mixed responses—words like wisdomliesfaithrulesancient historybigotrypoison, and many more.

What she realized was that we all read the Bible through filtered lenses, according to our varied expectations of what the Bible is or should be. But, says Robertson, the Bible as a whole is primarily God’s story—a story of relationship, community, and love.

Robertson’s New Vision for an Old Story gives readers the right lenses to see beyond the printed page to the God who encounters us in dynamic relationship and transforms our lives. The very nature and message of Scripture are rooted in incarnation. When we need to navigate community, truth, fear, and suffering, the Bible— God’s own story—can guide us through it all.




Anne Robertson is a United Methodist Church minister currently serving as executive director of the historic Massachusetts Bible Society. She is also the author of God with Skin On and the popular curriculum Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series.

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