Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!

Jonathan Goldstein

A hilarious re-imagining of the heroes of the Old Testament for a modern world—and the neurotic, demanding reader.

In the beginning...there was humor.

Sure, it’s the foundation for much of Western morality and the cornerstone of world literature. But let’s face it: the Bible always needed punching up. Plus, it raised quite a few questions that a modern world refuses to ignore any longer: wouldn’t it be boring to live inside a whale? How did Joseph explain Mary’s pregnancy to the guys at work? Who exactly was the megalomaniacal foreman who oversaw the construction of the Tower of Babel? And honestly, what was Cain’s problem?

In Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bible!, Jonathan Goldstein re-imagines and recasts the Bible’s greatest heroes with depth, wit, and snappy dialogue. This is the Bible populated by angry loners, hypochondriacs, and reluctant prophets who fear for their sanity. Basically, a Bible that readers can finally, genuinely relate to. 

About the Author
Jonathan Goldstein’s work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, GQ, ReadyMade, and The New York Times. He is a contributing editor to PRI’s This American Life, where his work is regularly featured, and author of the award-winning Lenny Bruce Is Dead.


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