Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels

Laura Everett
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After Laura Everett's car died on the highway one rainy night, she made the utterly practical decision to start riding her bicycle to work through the streets of Boston. Seven years later, she's never looked back.

Holy Spokes tells the story of Everett's unlikely conversion to urban cycling. As she pedaled her way into a new way of life, Everett discovered that her year-round bicycle commuting wasn't just benefiting her body, her wallet, and her environment. It was enriching her soul.

Ride along with Everett through Holy Spokes as she explores the history of cycling, makes friends with a diverse and joyful community of fellow cyclists, gets up close and personal with the city she loves—and begins to develop a deep, robust, and distinctly urban spirituality.


About the Author:

The official version is something like this: The Rev. Laura Everett is a first time author of “Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels,” out in April 2017 with Eerdman’s Publishing, ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ; Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches; itinerant preacher; alumna of Brown University and Harvard Div.; Advisor at Leadership Education at Duke Div. New Jersey by birth, Massachusetts by choice.

The other version is more like this: I’m an spiritual magpie, gathering bits of twine and twig from many traditions. I’m a bicycle evangelist, happy to give you my testimonial about the good life that’s possible when you give yourself to movement on two wheels. I’m a dedicated urbanist, convinced that cities form us in ways that challenge us to live tight with a whole lot of different folks. I’m crafty and I get around, most contented at my sewing machine. I’m building a silkscreen studio in my basement. I like thinking big about how we build vibrant institutions that hold tradition and cultivate innovation. I aim for attraction not persuasion. I believe the work of this moment is to upend the racism that has divided this nation and the Church. I’m convinced that if we’re all not free, it isn’t the gospel truth.

I’m a talent scout for the holy.

Find me at www.reveverett.com


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