God's Top 10: Blowing the Lid Off the Commandments

Anne Robertson
Book Description
For people of faith, religion and life are strongly connected. That’s why so many voters cite "moral values" as their most important guide when they head to the polls. But what exactly are "moral values"? For most Christians, regardless of their political persuasion, the best way to figure that out is to start with the Ten Commandments, the ultimate guide to morality. 

In God’s Top Ten, author Anne Robertson examines the big moral issues of our day through the lens of each of the Ten Commandments. A chapter on the Sixth Commandment, for example (Thou shalt not kill), looks at such issues as abortion, war, capital punishment, and stem cell research. 

In a lively, engaging style that combines practical theology with a sense of humor, Robertson proposes that there is more than one Christian approach to the tough issues of our times, and that the Commandments have a social as well as personal dimension.

About the Author
Anne Robertson, a United Methodist minister and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Bible Society, is the author of Blowing the Lid Off the God Box: Opening Up to a Limitless Faith. She is a contributor to Zion’s Herald, a national United Methodist publication, and a frequent speaker and retreat leader.

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