Atlas of the Biblical World

Mark Vitalis Hoffman & Robert A. Mullins

Based on the latest current scholarship, Atlas of the Biblical World features striking full-color maps and insightful commentary to make the ancient biblical world come alive. The complexities and questions that accompany the responsible study of the ancient world and its intersection with the biblical narrative are addressed through innovative map design and analysis. Sharp commentary that accompanies each map provides factual data, addresses questions of interpretation, and locates the biblical narrative in its wider historical and cultural context, making this particular atlas an ideal introduction for students of biblical studies. The atlas will feature over 60 full-color maps, illuminating commentary, full-color photographs of key historical artifacts, timelines, charts, and an index to the maps and content.


Mark Vitalis Hoffman is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.

Robert A. Mullins is professor of biblical studies at Azusa Pacific University. He serves on the board of the American Schools of Oriental Research and is codirector of the archaeological excavations at Abel Beth Maacah.

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