Prayers and Liturgy

Below are links to people who write relevant and beautiful prayers and other forms of liturgy and who have agreed to letting their work be used freely by by churches and religious groups for non-commercial purposes. If you appreciate their work, consider buying their books or supporting them in whatever other ways their blogs and websites indicate.

Maren Tirabassi
      Gifts In Open Hands Blog
      Books by Maren Tirabassi
      Pentecost Prayers
      Prayers and Poems in the Lent of Coronavirus
      Blessings in an Eastertide Living With Coronavirus
      Holy Communion Liturgy for June 7, 2020
      Psalm 8 for Two Voices (Living Psalm Version)
      Invocation and Reflection for Trinity Sunday
      Footnote (Tired Feet) Genesis 21
      Sarah's Laugh
      PRIDE resources
      After Genesis 22
      Holy Communion Liturgy for July 5, 2020
      The Camels Are the Tipping Point (Genesis 24)
      Prayer from Matthew 13

Video Prayer from the Waquoit Congregational Church, East Falmouth, MA




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