Endorsement from Richard Clifford, S.J.

A series for Catholics, Protestants, and all inquirers. 

Exploring The Bible: The Dickinson Series by Rev. Anne Robertson is a reliable, up to date, and accessible introduction to the Bible. Anne Robertson is a superb teacher, imaginative and well informed. Handling controverted issues such as inspiration, inerrancy, and historicity with learning and good sense, she guides her readers directly into the spiritual riches of both Testaments.

Endorsement from Rev. Dudley Rose

There has been an unmet need...until now!

"Preparation for ministry is a multifaceted endeavor, and no more important aspect is there for those going into congregations than learning to teach the Bible well to adults. Biblical literacy is a crying need in the churches. Seminary students schooled in Biblical Studies are often ill-equipped to make what they know accessible to laypersons.

Endorsement from Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

This excellent tool can turn every Bible reader into a Bible teacher

"This is an invaluable gift to the Church of Jesus Christ!

"How do we bring the Bible to seekers in our de-churched culture? One answer is Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series. Stimulating, challenging, and inspirational, Exploring the Bible prepares disciples of Jesus Christ to answer questions from those who know little or nothing about the Bible. I wish I'd had this series in my library when I started my pastoral ministry nearly 40 years ago.




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