Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar Endorses Priorities

The Rev. Anne Robertson writes, “The focus of this study series is on issues of justice in the public square. The Bible is the lens through which we are examining those issues, but, just as with reading glasses, the biblical lens will often fade into the periphery as it does its job of helping us see what is on the page.” She further asserts, “The Ten Commandments, ultimately, are about the intersection of individual behavior and public life— exactly where we find ourselves when confronted with the controversial issues of our day.” 

Praise from Mike McCurry for Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments

“There are many reasons to turn to the Ten Commandments in the times we are in, but Anne Robertson gives us here  a useful way to engage our ancient texts in a lively and creative way.  Local churches and faith communities will find this a compelling way to discuss current issues in the context of Scripture and how we can improve civil dialogue.  Her thoughts on guiding discussions are a perfect resource for any group leader.”

Praise from Walter Brueggemann for Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments

Anne Robertson has written an astonishing exposition of the second of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not make graven images.” Her study is deeply grounded in scripture. But her work is to mobilize her expansive imagination in order to show the demanding contemporaneity of this innocent-looking mandate from Moses. Amid her work she offers a trenchant critique of our idolatry of nationalism with an eye on our “worship of the flag,” and our idolatry of guns with a knowing riff on the NRA.

Endorsement from Dr. Pam Shellberg for Exploring the Bible

To the person unfamiliar with the Bible, Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series provides an introduction that is utterly unintimidating; to regular readers it is a companionable and challenging conversation partner. Anne Robertson not only invites people into the biblical texts, she welcomes them - with good humor, an obvious reverence for the texts, and a completely trustworthy voice.

Massachusetts Bible Society President to Receive 2019 Spirituality & Justice Award

The Rev. Dr. David Killian, President of the Massachusetts Bible Society, will receive the 2019 Spirituality & Justice Award on Sunday, April 28, during the 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist at All Saints Parish in Brookline, MA. The award is given each year to a person whose deep spirituality is expressed in work for social justice. The Award was given over the years to Bishop Desmond Tutu, Marian Wright Edelman, and Dr. Peter Farmer.

Lutheran Bishop James Hazelwood Endorses Exploring the Bible.

“To note that the religious culture of our region is changing is no newsflash, nor is it to observe how the emerging context demands new skills in our clergy and lay leaders. The place of the Bible, however, remains central to Christian faith and ministry.

Endorsement from Richard Clifford, S.J.

A series for Catholics, Protestants, and all inquirers. 

Exploring The Bible: The Dickinson Series by Rev. Anne Robertson is a reliable, up to date, and accessible introduction to the Bible. Anne Robertson is a superb teacher, imaginative and well informed. Handling controverted issues such as inspiration, inerrancy, and historicity with learning and good sense, she guides her readers directly into the spiritual riches of both Testaments.

Endorsement from Rev. Dudley Rose

There has been an unmet need...until now!

"Preparation for ministry is a multifaceted endeavor, and no more important aspect is there for those going into congregations than learning to teach the Bible well to adults. Biblical literacy is a crying need in the churches. Seminary students schooled in Biblical Studies are often ill-equipped to make what they know accessible to laypersons.




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