What Is Bible Journaling?

What Is Bible Journaling?


Bible journaling has been a growing trend recently, with Christians posting images of their artwork on social media, and bookshops selling Bibles with journaling space included. But what exactly does it entail? Here’s what Bible journaling involves and how it can promote biblical understanding in your life.


What Is Bible Journaling?


Bible journaling is a form of Christian journaling that pairs Bible reading and spiritual growth with art. Sometimes known as Bible art journaling, the practice encourages creativity inspired by biblical text. It involves reading the Bible, then making art in response to what you’ve read. That art can be in the margins of your Bible, in a journaling Bible, or in a dedicated notebook or sketchbook.


The various forms of Bible journaling are limited only by your imagination. Popular styles include hand lettering, painting, coloring, and scrapbooking. Your work can be an image that’s relevant to your reading, a visual or textual representation of a verse, or your own written reflection. You can think of Bible journaling as a kind of scripture journal that you use to engage with your reading.


Bible journaling will look different for everyone, just like multiple artists will never paint one subject the same way. However, it always provides a creative outlet and time for intentional reflection on the Bible.


What Do You Need?


The Bible journaling supplies you use will vary depending on your personal preferences. The most fundamental requirement is, of course, a Bible. You’ll need to decide whether you want to journal in the pages or margins of your Bible, in a separate journaling Bible, or elsewhere. You can also try digital Bible journaling via apps or websites. If you plan to journal on a separate medium than your Bible, you’ll need that item as well, whether it be a notebook, sketchbook, scrapbook, or otherwise.


Besides your Bible and journaling medium, you’ll need supplies to create with. A simple pen is the only necessary ingredient here, but you can use whatever art and craft supplies you most enjoy. Ideas include:


-Colored markers or pencils

-Calligraphy pens


-Washi tape




What Are the Benefits?


In addition to the benefits of creating art, Bible journaling also has benefits for your spiritual life. It can help you:


-Dig deeper into God’s Word

-Record your relationship with God

-Memorize scripture

-Develop biblical understanding and literacy


Here at the Massachusetts Bible Society, we’re dedicated to promoting biblical literacy. Biblical texts have been interpreted in diverse ways from generation to generation and are always filtered through the lens of the reader’s faith and life experiences. The Bible has authority for communities of faith who take time to study and prayerfully interpret its message, but it is also important for anyone who wants more fully to understand culture, religious thought, and the world in which we live. We believe that everyone should know the Bible, whether they accept it as their sacred text or not. To that end, we have created accessible and comprehensive resources for all who are curious.


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