Welcome our Interim Executive Director

The Massachusetts Bible Society is pleased to announce the March hiring of our Interim Executive Director, Dr. Theodore (Ted) Wilson. Dr. Wilson retired from a long and productive career managing not-for-profit child caring and human service organizations. He will work with the Board of Trustees on behalf of one of the oldest, longest serving charitable organizations in the country. He succeeds Rev. Anne Robertson who was called to return to parish ministry as the Pastor of the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church in Winchester (MA).

Founded in 1809, The Massachusetts Bible Society (MBS) has been dedicated to providing Bibles and biblical literacy as the core component of its mission of service. For over two hundred years, MBS has found diverse ways to bring the lessons of the Bible into the hands of the public.

In times of isolation and despair, the messages of the Bible have brought hope to millions of people around the globe. In an era of widespread division between people, the Bible continues to generate lessons in humility, tolerance, generosity of spirit and the healing power of love. MBS encourages thoughtful exchange among people of divergent opinion, and seeks ways to explore what has been written to find the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words. Through our acclaimed series, Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series, and a new series called Exploring Justice, churches and lay ministries around the country are provided with guidance on ways to bring the Bible alive in today’s world.

By hiring an interim leader experienced in working with non-profit boards, the MBS Board of Trustees have committed themselves to a period of introspection and evaluation. Can the mission of this venerable organization continue to play a meaningful role in today’s oft-fractured world? Can we find ways to sustain this initiative in a period of digitized books? Is there a way to engage each other in exploring the meaning behind biblical expression rather than give in to headline-grabbing of small biblical fragments to justify a political point of view?

We invite friends of our historic Bible Society to consider joining us in this exploration by picking up and reading your Bible, consider engaging with a group of friends via the Exploring the Bible series and/or by making a personal commitment to bring the light of the Bible into your daily lives. We further invite you to become a sustaining member of the Massachusetts Bible Society, and join us in our core effort to distribute the Bible wherever and whenever it is needed.




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