Read the Bible in a Year Podcast

The Massachusetts Bible Society likes to share how the Bible inspires in new and exciting ways. Recently, we heard about the podcast on the for reading the Bible in a year by Father Mike Schmitz of the Catholic ministry at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The podcast is number one in America, with more than 238 million downloads and counting, landing a billboard in Times Square. They have listeners of many faiths and atheist followers from around the world, as well. The podcast has the largest following of any podcast in America.

Father Mike explains, “When I turned to the Bible, it was an internal wisdom. And it reminded me, even as bad as it is, it’s been worse than this and God hasn’t left his people.” So he decided, "I want to read the Bible every day and make a podcast.” As a CBS news story tells us, "What happened next was something neither he nor anyone else could have ever imagined. Schmitz teamed up with production company Ascension and Maple Grove Bible Scolar Jeff Cavins to break the complicated book into 365, 20-minute daily podcasts. The result was an instant success in the podcasting world." Click on the CBS news story below to learn about this amazing podcast.




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