How To Start Reading the Bible

Wondering how to start reading the Bible? Here’s a list of helpful tips, tricks, and tools to see you through from start to finish.

How To Read the Bible, for Beginners

Choose the right Bible for you.

The first thing you need to do is to pick your Bible. You’ll have to make lots of decisions, including these:

  • Catholic or Protestant Bible?
  • Which version?
  • Ebook, app, or in print?

Choose what works best for your goals, habits, and lifestyle.

Use helpful resources.

Take advantage of resources to help you understand what you’re reading and the historical context of the Bible. You can use trusted internet sources, reference books or concordances, church sermons, or courses like our comprehensive Exploring the Bible series.

Build a habit.

The Bible covers a lot of content and can be challenging, so it’s helpful to build a habit that will see you through it. Use habit-forming techniques like reading in small chunks or following a schedule.

What Book of the Bible Should I Read First?

When deciding where to start reading the Bible, you might assume you should start at the beginning with Genesis. However, many people agree that Genesis is one of the most difficult places to start. There is no single best way to read the Bible, but these books are some of the greatest places to start:

Bible Reading Plans

One of the best ways to tackle reading the Bible is to follow a reading plan. This helps take the guesswork out of what to read next, or how much to read in a session. There are tons of Bible reading plans, so you’ll have no problem finding one that works for you!

Starting to read the Bible may feel daunting, but here at the Massachusetts Bible Society, we’re dedicated to helping you learn. Biblical texts have been interpreted in diverse ways from generation to generation and are always filtered through the lens of the reader’s faith and life experiences. The Bible has authority for communities of faith who take time to study and prayerfully interpret its message, but it is also important for anyone who wants more fully to understand culture, religious thought, and the world in which we live. We believe that everyone should know the Bible, whether they accept it as their sacred text or not. To that end, we have created accessible and comprehensive resources for all who are curious.

Check out our Exploring the Bible courses and claim your free sample chapters, or explore our website for more! The Massachusetts Bible Society is a Christian organization that exists to promote biblical literacy, understanding, and dialogue that is grounded in scholarship, socially relevant, and respectful of the many voices within the Bible and all those who turn to the Bible in faith. Donate today or consider planned giving to help us bring biblical understanding to the world!




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