Generous Gift to our Bible Grant Program

The Massachusetts Bible Society (MBS) is please to announce we recently received a generous gift from The Evangelical Missionary Society in Massachusetts in support of our Bible Grant Program. MBS has been giving out Bibles for over 210 years. With this new partnership, we are able to continue granting gifts of Bibles (and sometimes other sacred scriptures) to prisons, hospitals, homeless programs, churches, and many others who have need. We grant Bibles in a variety of languages and translations, as well as audio, Braille & large print formats for the sole purpose of reaching out to those without easy access to the Bible.

"In a time when the Bible is ignored by many and misused by too many, the importance of promoting biblical literacy is crucial to the future of our faith communities. We applaud and support the Massachusetts Bible Society for its long-time effectiveness in distributing Bible grants AND helping people understand what they read."
— The Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Wintle, President, Evangelical Missionary Society in Massachusetts




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