Endorsement from Dr. Laura Nasrallah

Helps the Reader Understand Why All This Matters In Our Present World

"Anne Robertson's Introducing the New Testament is an accessible volume that distills--but does not dumb down--scholarship about the New Testament.  The volume's clear tone allows the student who has known the Bible for years to learn more and to deepen his or her faith with greater knowledge, and helps those who have not read the New Testament to have the relelvant information that they need to make sense of the 27 short texts within it.  The volume clearly introduces historical information (say, about Jewish groups at the time of Jesus), insights about scholarly approaches (for example, redaction criticism and why it matters), complex, controversial theologically powerful ideas (such as that of the "word made flesh"), and helps the reader to understand why all this matters in our present world."

Laura Nasrallah
Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity
Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA

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