Broken - Rev. Anne Robertson

I am broken this morning. Just yesterday over 600 workers in meat plants in Mississippi were arrested at work by ICE. It was the first day of school. Hundreds of children came home to no one, crying, wandering parking lots, and if they were lucky a friendly neighbor took them to a shelter set up in a gym. Today those children will join the thousands of children we are traumatizing daily in the hopes that our cruelty will make the U.S. more white and less brown.

Just yesterday an Iraqi man died. He had lived here with no issues for 40 years, having been brought here when he was 6 months old. He was arrested and deported to Iraq where he could not get the insulin he needed, had no family, and did not speak the language. It killed him.

Just yesterday the resident of the Oval Office visited the wounded in two cities shattered by hate, one explicitly by a white supremacist targeting Mexicans and Mexican Americans. His public words to the press after visiting those torn apart by assault weapons in ICU were about how everyone in the hospital loved him. He took gleeful selfies with the staff. He was not even back to Washington before he had turned his visit into a campaign ad.

The racism has been here since our founding. But never in my lifetime has it been openly encouraged, aided, and abetted by the Executive branch of government with the President of the United States throwing gasoline on its fires daily, the Department of Justice removing white supremacist hate groups from its list of priorities, removing funding from groups that seek to combat it, and the Senate majority leader refusing to bring bills that the house has passed to address any of it to floor.

If you see all this as some kind of victory, all I can offer you is a piece of bread with the reminder that you are receiving the broken body of Jesus. Christians are called to take up our own cross and be broken along side of Him for the sake of those who have less than we do. When we are the ones doing the breaking, we are the Romans, not the disciples of Jesus.




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