Churches and organizations across the US and even in Canada and abroad are using our two study series for small groups: Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series and Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments

This map is to help connect people looking for groups with those running them. Here's what each color pin represents:

Individuals looking for Exploring the Bible groups: Orange
Individuals looking for Exploring Justice groups: Yellow
Group running Exploring the Bible: Green
Group running Exploring Justice: Blue

If you are running a group and want people to find you, send us this form with your information.

If you are an individual looking for a group in your area, send us this form so we can connect you.

Please note: The contact information you submit will be available to the public on this map. If you would like certain pieces of required information kept private, please make that note in the box for additional details.

Listed groups and individuals have been submitted by users. Those wanting to connect with any given group or person seeking a group do so at their own risk. 





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