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Welcome to the community of Exploring the Bible students!

You can engage the courses in several different ways.  Click below for the one(s) that interest you.

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I just want to learn the basics for my own enrichment.

You are an "informal" student in the course lingo.  Once you have a group, you can just buy the student book and go.  You don't need to apply, pay a fee, or fill out a form.  Your group leader will guide you through each class session.  To get the most out of the study you should do the homework marked for all students listed at the end of each session in the Student Text.  If you attend at least four of the six sessions with your group, you will receive a Certificate of Participation from your group leader at the end of the course.  


Can I just take one course and see how I like it?

Using Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series material does not obligate you to a thing.    You can take one course or half a course or all three as an "informal" student without filling out a single form or paying anything beyond the cost of your student book (between $11-$15, depending on the course, and cheaper than that if you buy from Amazon).

Do I need to take the courses in order?

Taking the courses in order is strongly recommended, but it is not a requirement.  The material is designed so that each course builds on the information and experiences of the one before.  Feedback from groups piloting our studies told us that students who jumped into courses out of order had a harder time, since they lacked some of the foundational material in the earlier courses. If you're taking a later course first, it would be advisable to at least get the Student Texts from any prior courses and go through them.  But the short answer is that you can take them in any order, even if you are seeking certification.

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