Praise for Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series

From Scholars and Faith Leaders

Bishop James Hazelwood                                                                                                                     (Lutheran, ELCA)                                

"The Exploring the Bible Series . . . creates space for ecumenical dialogue around Christian texts."         Read more

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar
(United Methodist)

"This is an invaluable gift to the Church of Jesus Christ! How do we bring the Bible to seekers in our de-churched culture? One answer is Exploring the Bible...
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Bishop Will Willimon
(United Methodist)

“I am much impressed by the comprehensive, accessible, and engaging quality of this series. If you have been intimidated by the Bible...
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Dr. Harvey Cox
(American Baptist)

"The most readable, complete, fair, and accurate aid to the study of the Bible now available."
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Dr. Walter Brueggemann
(United Church of Christ)

"Fortunate will be the readers who take up the study of these materials. These books constitute a compelling introduction to serious study...                                     
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Dr. Richard J. Clifford, S.J.
(Roman Catholic)

"This is a reliable, up to date, and accessible introduction to the Bible.  Anne Robertson is a superb teacher, imaginative and well-informed. Handling controversial issues...
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 Dr. Laura Nasrallah

"Anne Robertson's Introducing the New Testament is an accessible volume that distills--but does not dumb down--scholarship about the New Testament..."
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Dr. Justo L. González
(United Methodist)

"Consolidating solid information with wit and humor, this series is an ideal tool for any church community wishing to attain a deeper understanding of the Bible...
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Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson
(Roman Catholic)

"It would be hard to find a treatment of the New Testament that is fresher, more accessible, and more grounded in solid information, than Anne Robertson's Introducing the New Testament​...
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Dr. Thomas G. Long

"Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series is a magnificent Bible study resource. The questions we all have about the Bible are addressed in clear, accessible, and often witty language...
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Dr. Kwok Pui-lan

"This series of Bible studies offers the readers a comprehensive and refreshing introduction to the Bible.  Written in accessible language...
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Dr. Osvaldo Vena
(Reformed Churches of Argentina)

"Introducing the Old Testament gives a bird's eye view of the different documents that comprise the Old Testament and does so with a great penchant for synthesis and lots of good humor...
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Dr. Pamela Shellberg
(Lutheran, ELCA)

To the person unfamiliar with the Bible, Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series provides an introduction that is utterly unintimidating; to regular readers it is a companionable and challenging conversation partner...
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Rev. Dudley C. Rose
(United Church of Christ)

"Preparation for ministry is a multifaceted endeavor, and no more important aspect is there for those going into congregations than learning to teach the Bible well to adults...
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Rev. Bruce Schoup
(United Church of Christ)

"I not only like your series, but liked it so much that I reshaped a New Testament class that I am teaching at a university in Beirut, Lebanon...                               
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Celia Sirois
(Roman Catholic)

"I was consistently impressed at the depth and breadth of the scholarship in each session as well as the engaging and imaginative ways in which the material was presented...
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From Course Participants

"I've read the Bible twice from cover to cover and studied it from time to time with others, but never till now have I been able to read and understand it."

"I especially enjoyed Rev. Robertson's writing, comments, etc. and expect to re-read the material and make more use of the comments in the new (to me) Study Bible I bought."

"I really appreciated the simplicity, the humor, and questions of the lessons. I loved this study and am so glad I took it. I am now going to read the Bible for the first time!!"

"The Bible's organization and sequence make more sense to me now . . . I was shocked by how little I knew before this course."

"I was expecting boring academic stuff--but it wasn't dusty!"

"The Study Guide is exceptionally well written -- the tone is light and fun (with terrific little factoid tidbits), enough to help me wade through a Bible that I had thought was 'dreary' and 'dull'."

"I enjoyed the entire program. I learned the basic aspects of studying the Bible which I did not know before the course . . . This study has increased my interest, enthusiasm and desire to learn more about the Bible."

"I wish everyone could have a course like this."

"I now have a greater respect for the complexity, layers of meaning and subtleties of the Bible that go way beyond historical narratives or 'Bible stories'

"I really enjoyed the study and I loved the injection of humor and explanations."

"I have more appreciation of how these 'primitive' writings actually have such a sophisticated understanding of human nature."

"The study guide is well written and adds humor to help give an understanding of our modern day life."

"The course raised many of the questions I didn't know I had."

"My interest has been stimulated. I want to learn much more."

"I lacked a lot of basic knowledge about the Bible. I'm a third generation Unitarian and Bible study was never high on the agenda. Many questions were raised and answered in this course. I find it exciting to have a whole new world of knowledge opened up to me. I am inspired to keep learning."

"I have enjoyed reading the Bible twice with different groups but never got such 'bird's eye' views and 'book worm' views as with this unique course. It was enriching and fascinating and the material was presented in an entertaining way.

"The study was fascinating and it makes the Bible less intimidating."

"It was a high point in my week. Valuable and fun!"

"The course opened up a whole new world for me."

"I learned what a difference a Study Bible makes."

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