Michael Simone, SJ

This Ask-a-Prof is no longer an active participant in responses (as of 5/17/21), but we have left the bio here so that those who see responses given in the past know the background at the time.

Michael R. Simone, S.J. is a Jesuit of the USA Midwest Province. He is a graduate of John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he studied history and philosophy. His years of Jesuit formation took him to Detroit, Chicago, Guatemala, Toledo, Israel, and Cambridge, Mass. After serving as a priest at Saint Leonard's parish in Boston's North End, he attended the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., where his studies focused on Northwest Semitics and Assyriology. Upon completing the requirements for the Ph.D, Fr. Simone came to Boston College to serve as a professor of Sacred Scripture. Prof. Simone focuses on ritual and imagination in the religions of the ancient Near East. Recent research projects include studies of religious hypostases, religious symbols like the ark of the covenant, divine fire, and cultic chariots, and forms of divine embodiment. He is also the author of the commentary on Judges for the Paulist Biblical Commentary and a commentary on the Book of Nahum for the fully revised Jerome Biblical Commentary. Prof. Simone has a continuing interest in archaeology, and has studied Tel Hazor, Kuntillet Ajrud, and Teleilat Ghassul. He is a former member of the executive board of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, and has also served as a priest at the parishes of Saint Leonard and Saint Cecilia in Boston, and as a chaplain for the Veterans' Administration Maryland Health Care System.

Religious Affiliation: 
Roman Catholic




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