Mark Brummitt

Commissioned an officer of The Salvation Army in 1991, Mark’s first ministry was in central London and lasted two years. Already a Registered Nurse, he then worked in cancer care while preparing for university. He paid his way through school by continuing a career path in nursing. Mark was awarded the Union Theological Seminary English Fellowship in 1997 and so studied for one year with Phyllis Trible and James A. Sanders.

He then returned to Britain, took a degree in theatre, and began a PhD in Bible at the University of Glasgow with Yvonne Sherwood as advisor. He taught for three years at the Partnership for Theological Education in Manchester before coming back to the US as Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Spring, 2007.

Mark’s work has been published in a number of books and journals and he writes regularly for the Expository Times. His areas of interest include the book of Jeremiah (and prophecy in general); reading theory and the Bible; and Bible and culture. In his spare time, Mark sings, knits, learns ukulele, and flails hopelessly through Pilates classes.

Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies
Colgate Rochester Divinity School
Religious Affiliation: 
Various--originally The Salvation Army




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