Larry W. Hurtado


Dr. Hurtado is no longer able to respond to questions but we have left his bio here for reference since you will find him listed for questions he answered in the past.

American born and educated, I moved to Canada and taught in Regent College (Vancouver, BC) 1975-78, then the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg) 1978-96, and was appointed Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology in the University of Edinburgh in 1996.  My academic interests run to everything connected with the origins and early development of Christianity.  My own expertise includes textual criticism of the Greek New Testament, the origin and development of devotion to (and beliefs about) Jesus, and early Christian manuscripts (especially their physical/visual features).  I have written on the Gospels, Paul, Revelation, early Christian figures such as Justin Martyr, and extra-canonical texts such as the Gospel of Thomas, and on the history of New Testament studies.  I am also an occasional contributor to the online news magazine, Slate, and have been interviewed for radio and TV programs by the BBC and other film companies.  I now make my home in Edinburgh.

Emeritus Professor in New Testament, Language, Literature, & Theology
School of Divinity (New College) University of Edinburgh
Religious Affiliation: 




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