Dr. Charles Dickinson

Dr. Charles Dickinson was born and raised in Charleston, W.Va., attended Phillips Academy (Andover, Mass.), received his B.A. cum laude in religion and philosophy from Dartmouth College; served in the USA, Okinawa and Thailand with the U. S. Marine Corps; received his Bachelor of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. in theology from the University of Pittsburgh.  – Although raised a Presbyterian, he is now a member of the United Church of Christ.  Although vitally involved with Christianity and Christian theology since his college years, he is not ordained, choosing the academic over the pastoral route.

Dr. Dickinson has taught biblical studies, theology, world religions, philosophy, and many other subjects in the Congo; Charleston, W.Va.; Rome, Italy; China; Andover-Newton Theological School; and—since retirement—Beacon Hill Seminars. In addition to his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Dickinson is the author of One Thing Necessary; The Dialectical Development of Doctrine; a number of articles and reviews in theology and other subjects; and is now working on a theology of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Dickinson went to be with the Lord in November, 2019. His wisdom lives on in the answers to questions here that he has provided over the years and in the financial gift that made the creation of Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series possible. 

Group Leader
Beacon Hill Seminars
Religious Affiliation: 
United Church of Christ




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