Dr. Helen K. Bond

Religious Affiliation: 
Church of Scotland

Social and Historical World of the First Century, Biblical Archaeology, Gospels, Josephus

Harvey G. Cox, Jr.

Religious Affiliation: 
American Baptist

Urbanization, theological developments in world Christianity, Jewish-Christian relations, and current spiritual movements in the global setting (particularly Pentecostalism)

Roy L. Heller

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Hebrew Language, Literary and Rhetorical Approaches, Biblical Theology, Christian Formation

Larry W. Hurtado

Biblical Studies, New Testament and Christian Origins, Second Temple Judaism, Paul

Jennifer Wright Knust

Religious Affiliation: 
American Baptist

Biblical Studies, Early Christian History and Religion

Gregory Mobley

Religious Affiliation: 
American Baptist

Preaching, Hebrew Bible, Intro to the Bible

Carolyn J. Sharp

Religious Affiliation: 

Biblical Theology, Hebrew Bible, Psalms, Prophets, Christian Spiritual Formation

Mary Hinkle Shore

Religious Affiliation: 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

New Testament, Preaching

Michael Simone, SJ

Religious Affiliation: 
Roman Catholic

Northwest Semitics and Assyriology




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