Garden of Eden?

 What can you tell me about the Garden of Eden? Where is it supposed to be located?

Translations of Eliphaz' First Discourse

I am conducting a comparison study on Eliphaz' first discourse  (Job chapter 4). Why is there difference between the NRSV, AV, and the AKJV? For example there seem to be additional lines in some versions while other seem to omit a couple of verses.

The Behemoth in Job

What is the Behemoth in Job 40:15-24? I heard that some people think it is a dinosaur because of how its tail is compared to a cedar. I heard that it is also some kind of chaos monster that only God can control. I am not sure what it is.

David as Messiah?

Why does Jeremiah 33, Ezekiel 34, 37, Hosea 3, Isaiah 55, Psalm 89 all seem to say David is Messiah, the true shepherd and coming one, and even the pierced one of Psalm 18, Zechariah? Was David paying for his sins as Jesus, and now returns?

The creation of Adam and Eve

I have a question regarding the creation of Adam and Eve.  Were they the only humans created by God or were they simply the first of many of mankind to be created during the recorded time of man's arrival into existence?  And could this explain the many cultural/religious variations in our society today?

Fault vs. Sin

What is the difference between a fault (James 5:16) and a sin ( John 1:9a)?

What Happens When We Die?

As a hospital chaplain I'm often asked by Christians and others......what do you believe happens when we die. My answer is something along the lines of.....well, I believe that there is 'life after death' and then there is 'life after life after death'. The second part is what I believe Jesus meant by 'resurrection' life in a new heaven and a new earth. What I think is more difficult to explain is the




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