Dates for Hebrew Scriptures

I am looking for a reliable source to show approximate times for the books of the Hebrew Testament and New Testament to have been written or recorded ... and to compare those dates to historical events ... thanks

Coals of Fire in Romans 12:19-20

Whilst I have read various interpretations of Romans 12 v19-20 I'm not really convinced by any of them. Is the phrase 'heap burning coals on his head' idiomatic and if so what does it mean? 

Syriac as common language in Jesus' time

I am reading an ebook titled:  A translation, in English daily used, of the Peshito-Syriac text, and of the received Greek text, of Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, and 1 John:  With an introduction on the Peshito-Syriac text, and the revised Greek text of 1881.

2 Questions from Exodus

1. How did or which way did Moses flee from Egypt to Midian for the 1st time when he was accused of killing an Egyptian?

2. Why didn't Moses used the same route to reach Mt. Sinai along with his people as he did earlier?

Life in Community

Prof. Matt Skinner, in a podcast for the lectionary for Feb. 16 on Working,  talked about considering the larger good of the people around you when responding to the Sermon on the Mount, especially "be reconciled to your brother or sister."  (Matt.

New Covenant and Forgiveness of Sins

Only in Matthew's gospel does Jesus say...This is the blood of the new covenant shed for you and for many FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS...what exactly do you think/believe that Jesus meant by that?


I have been struggling with understanding the Greek word Pharmakeia (Strongs 5331) as found in the New Testament. What exactly is Pharmakeia? Is it really the use of medication? What was Pharmakeia in biblical times? What is modern Pharmakeia? I would like an in depth/exhaustive answer on the context and meaning of Pharmakeia in biblical times and how it relates to our time.

Healing and Demons

The accounts I find most problematic in the Gospels concern Jesus healing others of various diseases by casting out evil spirits or demons.  Obviously, today we know that diseases are not caused by demons.

Is that really what Jesus and his disciples did?  If so, how can I as a Christian learn to heal the sick as Jesus did?

If not, what in the world is going on here?

Garden of Eden?

 What can you tell me about the Garden of Eden? Where is it supposed to be located?

Translations of Eliphaz' First Discourse

I am conducting a comparison study on Eliphaz' first discourse  (Job chapter 4). Why is there difference between the NRSV, AV, and the AKJV? For example there seem to be additional lines in some versions while other seem to omit a couple of verses.




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