Paradise and Forgiveness in Luke 23

In Luke 23 Jesus says "today you will be with me in Paradise." Paradise is capitalized as if referring to a place. In my research so far, I am finding reference to it meaning "God's garden", the Garden of Eden, an intermediate place that isn't heaven but where those who die in faith go, and there is also reference to Paradise in reference to Heaven. Which is it?

Also, that statement by Jesus and the earlier statement, "Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they are doing," stand out to me as key. Can you discuss, please?

Sons of God in Genesis 6

In Genesis 6, the angels took wives. In my footnotes, it says the Sons of God were angels. What's this all about?

Disabilities in Old and New Testaments

I would like to know how the Old and New Testaments view persons born with a disability (cleft Palette, hearing impared, down syndrome, learning disabilities, etc.). And how would they have been treated in the sense of those leading the religious institutes (i.e. priests, Pharisees, early Christian leaders, etc.)? I know that through our own deeper understanding that these are not sins, but at one time people viewed these as sins or sins of their fathers. Only until we have grown in our limited wisdom have we understood that these are not brought about by anyone sinning. Thank you!

Three Days of Darkness

I have been reading about the 3 days of darkness on YouTube and so have my kids and they are terrified. I can find nothing about it in the Bible. Am I looking in the wrong place or is it actually true?


What comes first, the rapture or the great tribulation?

The Confusing Trinity

I have questions about the Trinity. Some say Jesus was begotten at his resurrection, others say from birth or from his baptism. When was Jesus begotten of the Father? Also if Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, wouldn’t the Holy Spirit be Jesus’ father instead of God the Father? Is the Holy Spirit really a person or just a form of energy?


I am studying the subject of fasting. Did God command the Jews to fast for Yom Kippur? Are there other God-ordained times for fasting?




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