Is God Omniscient?

Genesis 22:12b: God is omniscient, yet he said to Abraham, "Now I know . . ." He knows all past, present, and future, so why "Now I know . . ."?

Jesus and the Legion

Why did Jesus send the legions into the swine that ran down the steep slope and were drowned? Was this the last of those demons?

Concerns with the Book of Esther

Should Christians grieve for Haman and the Persians that mordechai and Esther had killed? Should Esther still be canon if there is no direct reference to God? Lastly, as Christians, how should we feel about a people that pretended to be Persian and then had the host nation’s people killed? These are honest questions I have and am looking forward to getting it resolved in my heart.


According to the Bible, who is supposed to receive the tithe of your first income/earnings?

Paradise and Forgiveness in Luke 23

In Luke 23 Jesus says "today you will be with me in Paradise." Paradise is capitalized as if referring to a place. In my research so far, I am finding reference to it meaning "God's garden", the Garden of Eden, an intermediate place that isn't heaven but where those who die in faith go, and there is also reference to Paradise in reference to Heaven. Which is it?

Also, that statement by Jesus and the earlier statement, "Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they are doing," stand out to me as key. Can you discuss, please?

Sons of God in Genesis 6

In Genesis 6, the angels took wives. In my footnotes, it says the Sons of God were angels. What's this all about?




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