What should everyone know?

People have greatly varying levels of familiarity with the Bible. Some know nothing, some know a lot, some think they know things that are not biblical at all and others attribute biblical quotes, stories, and ideas to other erroneous sources.

If there was one piece of biblical understanding that you could share with the world, what would it be?

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The best for last

One essential stylistic guide for use in understanding the Bible is this: Faith, hope, love, and the greatest of these . . . always comes last in the story or speech. Biblical passages almost always save the best for last. The final thing mentioned is what the biblical composers meant to emphasize. That means, for instance, that as great as Day Six was, the crown of creation is the Sabbath rest on the seventh day. And as endearing and gracious as the homecoming of the prodigal son was, the focus of that parable is on the judgment toward the begrudging, petulant elder brother in all of us.

And if I can have one more, please. As Krister Stendahl once said, the message of the Bible is simple, though scholars sometimes make it seem impenetrable: you reap what you sow; take care of the poor; and Love will win out in the end, though the score will be 51-50 in triple overtime.

Author: Gregory Mobley




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