According to the Bible, who is supposed to receive the tithe of your first income/earnings?

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Tithes and Offerings
I had a sermon published on this topic and it received an award for biblical interpretation, so I’ll share it with you here: https://annerobertson.org/the-offering. It covers the biblical origins of tithing—which was to support the people doing the work of the Tabernacle and Temple—and how that has evolved over time.
The short answer is that most churches (at least in the US) talk about “tithes and offerings.” The tithe—giving 10% of our first income/earnings—is to cover the expenses associated with keeping the worship of God alive in the community. The offerings (extra above the 10% tithe) are for those in need. We typically give them together, but biblically they are responses to two different mandates.

Author: Anne Robertson




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