Luke 23:34

If Jesus came back today, what would he say about how his Bible was allowed to be misconstrued, and especially those that were harmed, and even killed in his name? This question and most SERIOUS PROBLEM is not directed to any one particular Catholic, Protestant or Jewish Authority, but only that they appreciate and understand, not so much to argue what was correctly or not correctly quoted in the Bible, or even the various interpretations many years later, but how it was all preached and accepted by the various societies since then, and did the end result turn out for the better or worse? Case in point: In John 8:44 "JEWS ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL."

Whether John actually said or even meant that, was translated wrong, misinterpreted or whatever, many churches for a long time carried on those ideas quoted from the Bible and thus created anti-Semitism and a lot more for hundreds of years, if not thousands. History proves that many parts of the bible were taken literally by many churches and Christians, and might have even been part of the reason that Hitler thought that was a part of his mission even if he was after world domination. And to some extent, various hate groups, yes, and those that may think they are doing the will of God to rid the world of what we don't know or fully understand has been continuing for a long time. We've had various religious groups that supposedly claimed they loved the Lord but would actually kill others in the name of God and call them witches. Why? Because they had a physical or mental impairment and were not like them. Is this why it's written that more people were killed in the name of God than any other reason?

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Luke 23:34

I imagine that many of us are guilty in some way of doing just what you describe. Sometimes we mean well, but even so it is notable how often our interpretations bring harm to others. I often meet people who have internalized ideas that they are bad people because of the ways that others have taught them to interpret scripture. I hope that if Jesus were to come back and see the ways we misinterpret his words, he would say “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). However, to the extent that we can become aware of the ways that our words are received by others, we will be better able to bear witness to others.

Author: Susan E. Hylen




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