Mary Magdalene

Was Mary Magdalene married to Jesus? Was Mary Magdalene one of the 12 disciples?

Matthew 16:17-19

When Jesus said, "On this rock I will build my church," he was referring to Peter which in Greek means rock. Does this mean that Jesus could speak Greek? It's a long way from Aramaic!

John 18:14

What is the meaning of Caiaphas's ironic and prophetic statement in John 18:14?

Luke 23:34

If Jesus came back today, what would he say about how his bible was allowed to be misconstrued, and especially those that were harmed, and even killed in his name?

Matthew 5:23-24

The Bible speaks of the importance of making amends and apologizing to those we wrong in Matthew 5:23-24, but to what extent should we attempt to reconcile with our brothers and sisters?




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