Hebrews 7:3

What is the verse in the Bible and the name of the person that has no biological parents and was he created before Adam and Eve?

Revelation 12

Why could Mary be called the commander in chief of the royal armed forces of God?

John 12:9-10

Is there anywhere in the four Gospels from Matthew to John where it is written that someone or some people wanted to kill the disciples of Jesus?

1 Samuel 13

In 1 Samuel 13 Saul is 30 years old when he becomes king, so how was Saul's son Jonathan old enough to be in the army and lead a troop against the Philistines?

Ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine

Does the Bible offer any wisdom regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine and the warfare that erupts all too often between the State of Israel and Hamas? This violence is very distressing and seems to be unending.

2 Timothy 3:16

Is it true that 2 Timothy 3:16, when using the word "scripture", is really referring to the Old Testament writings and not the New Testament as being inspired?

What is Anointing All About?

We are studying the Gospel of John in our Bible study. What is the significance of anointing Jesus in different events?

Fat and Blood in Leviticus 3

Leviticus 3 talks about the preparation of animal sacrifices and ends by saying, "All fat belongs to the LORD. This is a permanent rule for your future generations, wherever you live. You must not eat any fat or blood." (Lev. 3:16-17) What on earth is this about? Why would God single these things out?




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