Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar Endorses Priorities

The Rev. Anne Robertson writes, “The focus of this study series is on issues of justice in the public square. The Bible is the lens through which we are examining those issues, but, just as with reading glasses, the biblical lens will often fade into the periphery as it does its job of helping us see what is on the page.” She further asserts, “The Ten Commandments, ultimately, are about the intersection of individual behavior and public life— exactly where we find ourselves when confronted with the controversial issues of our day.” 

These statements capture powerfully and beautifully the essence of faith as both belief and practice. Robertson challenges and inspires us to take our faith into the public square. She urges us to publicly address issues that the church has kept at a distance, creating a false sense of peace. With the mind of a prophet and heart of a pastor, Robertson calls the church to explore uncharted and deep waters, to rock the boat, and to live the gospel in the public square.

The student text invites deeper engagement with the Bible and the world. The accompanying leader’s guide provides valuable assistance for anyone who wishes to be a Bible study leader. This series is a gift of God for such a time as ours!

Sudarshana Devadhar
Presiding Bishop of the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

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