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I'm not interested in a group and would like to study on my own.

These materials are designed for small groups and joining a group will give you the most benefit.  But that is not an option for some, and there is nothing to stop you from going through the material on your own.  Just pick a course, head to Amazon, buy the material and dig in.  The class sessions that you would do in a group contain additional information and perspective, so if you are doing the courses on your own, consider getting the Leader's Guide for the course you have chosen.  Do what you can of the class exercises in addition to reading the Student Text to gain the most benefit from this type of study.  

I want to connect with other students.

Like us on Facebook to join in the latest discussions, receive links to Bible-related articles, learn more about the Bible, and keep up to date on news.  If you'd like to meet in person, consider attending one of our educational offerings.  Get on our mailing list to see what is coming up.

I have finished a course but didn't get a certificate.

If you took the course as an informal student then your group leader just needs to head to the Forms page on this website, download the Certificate of Participation for the particular course, sign it, and give it to you.  The Certificate of Participation is not handled through our office.


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