Mike Colyott

Job Title: 
Resource Director

Mike has worked in the book/multi-media industry as a retail manager and program director for nearly 20 years. With prior management work with Borders Group, Inc. and Trinity Church Boston, Mike has served the Massachusetts Bible Society as a Bookstore Manager, Book Services Director, and Resource Director since January of 2004.

Among Mike’s personal interests are exploring the various manifestations and expressions of truth present in literature, music, and visual art.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature, and has studied at the University of Memphis and Boston University.

As Resource Director, Mike oversees resource recommendation and research, manages the educational and promotional content of Massachusetts Bible Society’s social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter), and runs the MBS Bible Grants Program.  Mike’s shared responsibilities with the rest of the staff include event planning/promotion, advertising, and content writing/editing for MBS’ websites and electronic/print communications.





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