What's Happening at MassBible?

Girls looking out a window with excitement

What's Happening Live

The Massachusetts Bible Society sponsors a number of events.  There are those that have long been a part of our religious education programming, such as our luncheon lecture series.  And there are brand new traditions such as our annual Founders' Dinner, an evening of history, food, and conversation - happening at Plimoth Plantation in 2013.  Beginning in May, 2014, we will host an annual conference as a tie in to our brand new biblical literacy course publication entitled The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible.

There are also one-time events that we present ourselves or partner with other organizations to provide.  We are pleased to promote educational and artistic events sponsored by our Partner Churches or other member organizations that are relevant to the MassBible mission.

You can see what is coming up by checking our Special Events listing or get a birds-eye view by looking at our calendar.

If you are sponsoring an event that you think has relevance to our members or have an idea for an event that MassBible might co-sponsor with your organization, please contact us with details.

What's Happening Online

Of course there are things happening right here on the website.  Be sure to see what's going on in our Facebook & Twitter pages.  There are discussions there and a lot of great people ready to share ideas, pictures, video, and more. 

If you're in more of a learning mood, see what's being asked in our Ask-a-Prof section where professors from many different faith traditions respond to your questions about the Bible or check out the lectionary-based blog.

And if you're just kind of bored, you can have a bit of fun in our Bible Play section.  You can take our own Bible Quiz or visit any of the links to other sites with a huge variety of Bible-based games from jigsaw puzzles to Bible jeopardy.