The Massachusetts Bible Society's Official Statement on Scripture

MassBible is an ecumenical, Christian organization with a broad diversity of Scriptural approaches and interpretations among its members and supporters.  The following statement on the nature of Scripture represents the guiding principle for our selection of programming and resources, but agreement with it is neither a pre-requisite for membership nor a litmus test for grant recipients.

The Bible was written by many authors, all inspired by God.  It is neither a simple collection of books written by human authors, nor is it the literal words of God dictated to human scribes.  It is a source of religious truth, presented in a diversity of styles, genres, and languages and is not meant to serve as fact in science, history, or social structure.

The Bible has authority for communities of faith who take time to study and prayerfully interpret its message, but it is also important for anyone who wants more fully to understand culture, religious thought, and the world in which we live. 

Biblical texts have been interpreted in diverse ways from generation to generation and are always filtered through the lens of the reader’s faith and life experiences.  This breadth and plurality, however, are what keep the Bible alive through the ages and enhance its ongoing, transformative power.