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From the earliest days of the Massachusetts Bible Society, we have recognized that simply getting a Bible into someone's hands is not enough.  Beyond being sure that the text is in a person's native language, guidance is needed for biblical study.  What does it mean to say that the Bible is God's word?  What does it mean to say that the Bible is true?  Why were the books of the Bible written and to whom?  Where are those places and who were those people and who decided that these books and not others should be our sacred text?

In the early days of our organizaetion the Executive Director preached and taught across the state.  That is still the case today, and you can call the MassBible offices to find out how to schedule something for your church or group.  But the population of Massachusetts has grown quite a bit since 1809, and it is no longer possible to reach everyone that way.  While we continue to provide in-person training through our monthly luncheon lectures, the Beck Lectures, and other special events, we are also reaching out electronically so that you can learn and grow right from home.

This site provides a couple of articles that help you choose a Bible and that give you some Bible study basics.  Our Book Services pages recommend titles that we think will help you and enrich your study.  Our Ask-a-Prof program allows you to ask your Bible-related questions of a whole range of Bible/seminary professors and to see the responses given to others.  Even our Bible Quiz gives answers with links to related articles, Bible passages, art, and sermons so that you can learn as you play.

We also bring you news of the educational opportunities at Andover Newton Theological School, which is a covenant missional partner with us and bring you the opportunities for growth that occur at our Partner Churchesacross the state.

With the construction of the Massachusetts Bible Society Media Center at Andover Newton in the fall of 2008, we hope to be able to bring you online courses, streaming of live events, and other resources to help bring the Bible to life--to your life.


The MassBible is able to sustain its ministries of Bible Grants, promoting Biblical literacy and nurturing open spiritual/theological dialogue through financial contributions from people and organizations such as you.