MBS Media Center at Andover Newton

NEWTON CENTRE, MA March 16, 2009 ---

Andover Newton Theological School and the Massachusetts Bible Society (MBS) announced today that they will jointly “cut the ribbon” to mark the opening of the new state-of-the-art media center and television studio in the lower level of Wilson Chapel on the campus of Andover Newton Theological School, February 3, 2009, at 3-5 pm.

According to Bob Craigue, inaugural director of the Andover Newton Massachusetts Bible Society Media Center, "Our goal is to build on Andover Newton’s tradition of leadership in theological education by introducing innovative technologies and offer students, ministers, and congregations new ways to experience worship and community life through new media.” 

The Media Center has full audio/visual recording, production, and broadcast capabilities.  It enables programs to be recorded in Wilson Chapel, and is able to generate CD, DVD, streaming video and cable programs. Already students have produced High Definition videos of events ranging from a performance by Noel Paul Stookey (formerly of Peter, Paul and Mary) and documenting a groundbreaking conference of National Baptist and Muslim scholars and religious leaders.

Executive Director of MBS, Rev. Anne Robertson, said “The task of increasing biblical literacy is too large for one organization…Our two institutions share a progressive theological outlook, a commitment to the local church, and a passion for introducing others to the all-inclusive love of God.” Completion this new studio marks the next stage in the continuing partnership between the Massachusetts Bible Society and Andover Newton Theological School.

Andover Newton is the nation's oldest graduate institution of theological education, founded in 1807. Based in Newton Centre, MA, the school is known for its commitment to the pastoral ministry and the pioneering accomplishments of its graduates in the fields of mission and local church leadership. Historically covenanted with the United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Churches USA, Andover Newton now celebrates a student body comprised of more than 30 denominations, including one of the largest concentrations of Unitarian Universalist students in the US. www.ants.edu


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