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So what's a lectionary?

Every Sunday your pastor or priest has to get up and talk to you about how the Bible and Christian faith relate to your life.  In some churches the passages of Scripture selected are purely the choice of the pastor.  In many churches, however, clergy turn to a lectionary, which gives weekly (or sometimes daily) suggestions for passages of the Bible, known as "lections," to use.  By using the lectionary, church leaders have to grapple with parts of Scripture that otherwise they might avoid.  It also helps in finding parts of the Bible that are appropriate to the church season.

But the lectionaries are not all the same.  Many Protestant denominations use the Revised Common Lectionary, but there is a separate lectionary for the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions, since they use books of the Bible that the Protestants do not.  You can read more about lectionaries on Wikipedia here.

The lectionary blogs here are written by Trustees and associates of MBS to help clergy who use the lectionary think more deeply about the passages they will preach about.  Even if you don't have to preach about it, we hope you'll find their insights of interest and leave comments to let us know what you think!