Dickinson Series Testimonials

"Fortunate will be the readers who take up the study of these materials. These books constitute a compelling introduction to serious study, with intentional pedagogy and fresh articulation. They are accessible without dumbing down, reaching those who want to know about the Bible without compromising either their faith or their wise judgment. Holding such a resource in one’s hands is the beginning of a fresh exploration that holds great promise." 

- Dr. Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible is a magnificent Bible study resource. The questions we all have about the Bible are addressed in clear, accessible, and often witty language, and questions we didn’t even know to ask are introduced in lively and provocative ways. Those who have studied the Bible for years will find their understanding deepened, and those for whom the Bible is a new and unfamiliar land will find a reliable roadmap. The Leader’s Guides are filled with stimulating teaching suggestions.

- Thomas G. Long, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

"I not only like your series, but liked it so much that I reshaped a New Testament class that I am teaching at a university in Beirut, Lebanon.  I was looking for a series that would be respectful of non-Christians and conservative Evangelicals (the majority of my students), while also being one that I, a progressive pastor, could embrace.  I feel this successfully does all that.  So . . . yes, I am a fan."  

- Rev. Bruce Schoup, Faculty - Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon

"I was consistently impressed at the depth and breadth of the scholarship in each session as well as the engaging and imaginative ways in which the material was presented.  Scholarship and sound pedagogy do not always come in the same package.  This is a remarkable achievement and I am looking forward to the next installment."

- Celia Sirois (pilot group leader), Instructor in Sacred Scripture, St. John's Seminary

"I think this is a great study.  Thanks so much for writing it!"  

- Sharon Saunders (pilot group leader)


"I especially enjoyed Rev. Robertson's writing, comments, etc. and expect to re-read the material and make more use of the comments in the new (to me) Study Bible I bought."  

"I was impressed with the approach to understanding the Bible shown in the book (while looking into the course).  I liked the idea of understanding the Bible in a holistic sense as opposed to a strictly theological or devotional way.  My expectations were met handsomely!"

"I really appreciated the simplicity, the humor, and questions of the lessons.  I loved this study and am so glad I took it.  I am now going to read the Bible for the first time!!"

"The Bible's organization and sequence make more sense to me now . . . I was shocked by how little I knew before this course."

"Thank you for this eye-opener and ever-changing view of my world!"

"I was expecting boring academic stuff--but it wasn't dusty!"

"The Study Guide is exceptionally well written -- the tone is light and fun (with terrific little factoid tidbits), enough to help me wade through a Bible that I had thought was 'dreary' and 'dull'."

"I enjoyed the entire program.  I learned the basic aspects of studying the Bible which I did not know before the course . . . This study has increased my interest, enthusiasm and desire to learn more about the Bible."

"I wish everyone could have a course like this."

"I left this course with the understanding that a lot in the Bible is open to interpretation . . . We shared thoughts openly . . . I look forward to taking the next study group."

"I [now] have a greater respect for the . . . complexity, layers of meaning [and] subtleties of the Bible that go way beyond historical narratives or 'Bible stories' . . . I especially enjoyed hearing passages from the various versions of the Bible (NIV, NRSV, KJV, etc.) at each of our sessions."

 . . . more testimonials from volume 1, What is the Bible? 



"I really enjoyed the study and I loved the injection of humor and explanations."

"I have more appreciation of how these 'primitive' writings actually have such a sophisticated understanding of human nature."

"The study guide is well written and adds humor to help give an understanding of our modern day life."

"I found the material excellent.  While I was familiar with much of it, the study brought things to my mind in vivid color."

"The humor in the material was absolutely wonderful.  I found myself laughing out loud.  The timelines were great.  I'm not sure I've ever put biblical events in tune with other things happening on the planet."