Welcome to the Dickinson Series!

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"Fortunate will be the readers who take up the study of these materials.  These books constitute a compelling introduction to serious study, with intentional pedagogy and fresh articulation.  They are accessible without dumbing down, reaching those who want to know about the Bible without compromising either their faith or their wise judgement.  Holding such a resource in one's hands is the beginning of a fresh exploration that holds great promise."

-  Dr. Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

"The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible is a magnificent Bible study resource.  The questions we all have about the Bible are addressed in clear, accessible, and often witty language, and questions we didn't even know to ask are introduced in lively and provocative ways.  Those who have studied the Bible for years will find their understanding deepened, and those for whom the Bible is a new and unfamiliar land will find a reliable roadmap.  The Leader's Guides are filled with stimulating teaching suggestions."

-  Thomas G. Long, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

"I was consistently impressed at the depth and breadth of the scholarship in each session as well as the engaging and imaginative ways in which the material was presented.  Scholarship and sound pedagogy do not always come in the same package.  This is a remarkable achievement and I am looking forward to the next installment."

- Celia Sirois, Instructor in Sacred Scripture, St. John's Seminary

"I was expecting boring academic stuff--but it wasn't dusty!"

 - Student, First Unitarian Society of Newton 

We are extremely excited to introduce The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible.  Currently in development, The Dickinson Series is the Massachusetts Bible Society's most recent effort in its more than 200-year-old committment to nurturing biblical literacy in a safe, non-judgemental environment. This program is made possible by a generous gift from former trustee and longtime friend of the Massachusetts Bible Society, Dr. Charles Dickinson.

Once completed, the Series will consist of four, six-week courses with accompanying student texts and leaders guides written by Executive Director and author, Rev. Anne Robertson.  Participants in the program will have the option of gaining a Certificate of Biblical Literacy upon completion of the four-part series.  Continuing Education Units may be obtained by "extra mile" students who do some additional work with the materials.

The first two course components of the Dickinson Series have been successfully piloted in Roman Catholic, Unitarian Universalist, Lutheran, and United Methodist parishes, and are now in print and available for purchase.  You may order the What is the Bible? student text and leader's guide, as well as the student text and leader's guide for Introducing the Old Testament, on Amazon.com. There is no training required to facilitate the courses. Just pick up the materials and go!!

For further details about The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We look forward to updating you on new developments as The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible nears completion.