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Put away those poker chips and do what the big dogs do--play games that teach you about the Bible!

Original MBS Games and Puzzles

Click here to take the Bible Quiz
In the quiz, you will find not only the direct answer to your question, but also artistic renderings, photographs of biblical sites, and links to Wikipedia articles about the people, places, and stories of the Bible.

Click here to do Word Search puzzles
You'll find searches on books of the Bible, famous preachers and all the languages into which the Bible has been translated!

Click here to do Jigsaw puzzles
Do jigsaws of pictures from MBS history and artwork on Bible themes.

Are you on Facebook?  MBS has a Facebook group and its own application.  Post a profile and then download the Neverending Bible Quiz.  Answer the questions that are there and then post your own questions.  As you play, MBS earns money! And it's all free to you.

Other Sites with Bible Games

These are a few sites with free Bible-related games you can play.  These sites have no direct affiliation with MBS and their inclusion here doesn't represent an endorsement of the sponsor or any underlying theology that may be in the games. has just that.  Bible Word Games.  Crosswords, find-a-word, trivia, hangman, and games especially for kids.

Spreading Light Ministries has a page of games that include the usual word games but also Bible versions of jeopardy, battleship, concentration, and others.

DLTK adds things like Bible Bingo, Anagrams, and Jigsaw Puzzles in addition to the more traditional games.

The Church of the Brethren has a strong learning focus to their games, which include many of the above, plus optical illusions, sliding tiles, and bible quizzes graded by level.


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