Anniversary Celebration

Re-enactment participants signing to indicate their presence at the event.July 6, 2009 was the exact bicentennial date of the founding of the Massachusetts Bible Society.  While we have been having a number of events throughout the year to celebrate, on our anniversary date we gathered in the Senate Chamber of the Massachusetts State House for a re-enactment of our founding ceremony.  Segments of that event can be seen in the video here, including the entirety of the "Address to the Christian Public" that went out across the state to gather people interested in founding MBS.

The State House event was built around the biographies of our 107 founders, which Executive Director Rev. Anne Robertson prepared in book form to give to the participants.  You can read the biographies in blog format here.  If you are aware of errors in the biographies, we encourage you to post them in the blog comments.  You can also download a .pdf of the book, Men on a Mission, here.  The .pdf includes the Address to the Christian Public as well as some additional notes.

Re-enactment participants included: Fr. Walter Cuenin as William Phillips, Mr. Steven Silver as Dudley A. Tyng, Ms. Christianne Humphrey as Rev. Thomas Allen, Rev. Thomas Wintle as Rev. Samuel Kendal, Rev. Dudley Rose as Rev. Henry Ware, Rev. Quinn Caldwell as Rev. Joseph Eckley, Rev. Rodney Petersen as Rev. John T. Kirkland, Rev. Earl K. Holt, III as Rev. James Freeman, and the Rev. Anne Robertson as the narrator.

Following the event at the State House, we went to the Omni Parker House for a reception and period 1809 meal.  Dr. Margaret Bendroth gave the keynote on the historical context in 1809.  You can watch her lecture here.

Michael Paulson from the Boston Globe was with us for the day and here's his article from the Globe on July 7, 2009.